Join us as we celebrate the true artistry Africa has to offer.​​
We want to share the beauty and colorful imagination of these talented artist. Their art deserves a platform to shine!  

Africa is made up of many countries, with each country having its own culture and several sub-cultures. Out of unique differences comes great talent and creativity.  

We are dedicated to sharing the pleasure and uniqueness of Africa.  Our mission is to showcase the varied cultures
by providing access to items made by African crafts men and women. At the moment we are featuring items  
handmade by Kenyan and Ghanian artists dedicated to providing pleasure in original customized goods. This means that the wait will be more than worth it.  
Eti Sen from Ghana

We have beautifully made Kente Sandals, Kente Jewelry, and leather Kente sandals.  You can even customize your own Kente Sneakers.  These are handmade by individual artists expressing their creativity in the fashion industry.

                Habari from Kenya​​

We have beautifully crafted beaded sandals, jewelry, handbags, and much more that are freely handmade with love by women and youth affiliated with  a community based organization called Education and Health for Children in Kenya.  Their aim is Child Protection and Advocacy that works with families by training parents, supports schools by collecting books, assisting with club formations and mentorship, and water and sanitation projects.